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Future Projects
As its name implies, the “Whole Earth’’ Foundation intends to focus on infrastructure & environment-related projects around the world. As a starting point, we are focusing on water topics, but potential uses of the platform extend far beyond water infrastructure.
Building energy-efficient buildings is another potential area of application for the environmental database. Many startups in this space are pursuing innovative data-based solutions to improve energy efficiency. However, many of these companies are working with insufficient data. The data is disparate for each company, making it impossible to perform a holistic analysis and generate optimal results. The WEA database could unite this field by providing a place where environmental data related to a large number of buildings could be collected, curated, and shared by companies working in this field and building owners alike. The WEC is offered as an incentive for the companies to exchange and share this data, which typically would be kept private.
Many organizations working to improve a broad range of infrastructure segments face similar challenges, limited by the availability or lack of a quality dataset ready for analysis. The Foundation plans to help these organizations as partners within the ecosystem by providing shared access to the database created by the WEF community.
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